Scales of War

Rest & Recovery

The following morning you are woken up by knocking on your doors, and Reggen bustles in with a hearty breakfast for each of you. The plates are piled high with grilled steaks of an unknown meat, and a hard bread. Reggen sees you eyeing it suspiciously, and answers your unspoken question.
“bear steaks” she says. “He was an old bugger but I got him cheap from the skinners. And as a real treat you’ve got my best dwarf bread! Nothing but the finest for the heroes of the Shadowfel. In fact this loafs been in my family for near 200 years!”
The bear steaks are nutritious and tough, but compared to the dwarf bread they’re as tender as the finest wagyu fillet. “When you’re done, there’s a couple of lass’ downstairs in the bar waitin fer yer” she adds.

As you make your way downstairs, you’re greeted by a chorus of cheers and well wishes from the various patrons already in the Mountains Hearth Inn. It would seem that Reggen is profiting well well from her offer of free accommodation. There are even extra staff carrying drinks and serving food. Reggen points to one corner, where a young woman in a hooded cloak is sitting on her own. A mug of ale is in her hand, and she is spinning a coin with an unusual symbol around on the table.
“She showed up not long after you all disappeared chasing that Modra fella” Reggen explains. Prashant over at the Happy Beggar sent her here, seemed like she had been trying to track you down for a while. Weird ting is, she won’t giver her name, don’t talk to anyone, just sits down over a mug all day waitin’, then disappears at night. Shifty, to say the least. The other one came in yesterday, and seems to know a lot about you."
Reggen directs your attention to the bar where Reniss is standing with a small group, clearly sharing stories of your adventure.



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