Alys Human|Female
Orphaned after the attack on Brindol, Alys joined the fight in Overlook and has become an ardent ally of the Defenders.

Andronsius Dwarf|Male
Alchemist captured by Sinruth’s warband and rescued from Rivenroar crypt.

Efforam Troyas Elf|Male
Lord Warden of Brindol, hired the Defenders to rescue the kidnapped townsfolk, and recover stolen relics.

Jalissa Human|Female
Initiate of the temple of Ioun, was kidnapped and then rescued from Rivenroar crypt.

Kartenix Human|Male
Captain of the Brindol town watch, captured by Sinruth and killed trying to escape from Rivenroar. Father of Thauraan

Mirtala Human|Female
Scullery maid in Brindol, captured by Sinruth’s forces and contracted filth fever. Cured and rescued by the Defenders.

Sertanian Human|Male
Castellan of the Hall of Great Valour in Brindal, captured by Sinruth’s forces, and rescued for the crypt. Aided in coaxing Amyria from the Platinum Sword relic.

Thauraan Human|Male
Child kidnapped from Brindol and rescued from Rivenroar. Became inconsolable when heard of his father’s death.

Zerikssa Human|Female
Old woman believed to be a witch, but actually a herbalist, captured and rescued from Rivenroar.


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