Scales of War

Exploring Rivenroar Crypt

So, after beating the shit out of some slime, you then cleared off some magma guys but couldn’t finish off their gnome allies, taking one captive, and discussing what to do with him. Also you rescued Sertanian, the old man and custodian of the museum that was robbed by the Red Hand. He’s taught you how to identify the missing artifacts. He’s also a cranky bastard, and hates the hobgoblins.

With your captive in front of you, you warily went into the next room and threw him into the middle. Unfortunately his gag came off, and he was able to call out to his undead allies, who then proceeded to beat the shit out of you. Anyways, with them dispatched, you found the body of the guard captainKartenix , who had tried to escape but the zombies did eat him. Feeling a bit buggered, you went back to town taking the Dwarf, old man, and Guards body.

Upon your return you found the maid Mirtala, who had been bitten by rats and was totally bonkers. Cohen also caught the disco filth fever, and isn’t looking too great. From there you totally obliterated a detachment of Hobgoblins, and then rescued Jalissa, the priestess of Ioun. She believes this is all due to Haley, so will only follow her instructions, and answer her questions (thank God). So that leaves the child and thecrone to rescue, along with all treasures stolen from the Hall of Valour.

Trouble in Brindol

Hobgoblins attacked Brindol where you were having a nice quiet drink. You killed a bunch, scared off a few more, and blew up a giant ogre donkey kong wannabe.

The council in Brindol asked for your help in rescuing some townsfolk that were kidnapped, along with some relics for the war against the army of the Red Hand (cue Nick Cave)

Interrogated a captured hobgoblin, who told you the leader behind the attacks was Sinruth, who is looking to rebuild the Red Hand, with the help of undead allies in the catacombs of castle Rivenroar. You also learned they are well equipped, and possibly supplied by someone.

You found castle Rivenroar, and rescued Ardronius, a dwarven alchemist from Brindol, who had been savagely beaten. You also found a well with healing properties. He gave you information on where to find Mirtala, the maid, and also said that he had seen Jalissa alive.
Found some +1 leather armour called the rat killers cloak or something.



The citizens militia of Borodins Watch is calling upon all able bodied men across the Elsir Vale to take up arms and enlist. Scouts report that warbands of VICIOUS ORCS are coming down from the mountains to form up and march as one horde toward the STONEHOME MOUNTAINS. Only the resolute defenders of Borodins watch stand between these savages and the plains beyond.

Make haste along the DWARF ROAD, or along the Elsir river to the city of OVERLOOK. The regiments are being bulit up, supplied and equipped to march on to Borodin’s watch, and do battle.

So come seek FAME, FORTUNE and GREAT REWARDS in the service of your homeland. Join illustrious regiments such as Ironbreakers of Morodin, Lord Theren’s Flying Archers, or the Moontide Sentinels. Avoid the draft, volunteer and recieve 3 squares a day, and all the looting rights over your vanquished foes.

The time for action is now, and the fate of these lands rests on the shoulders of those willing to stand up against evil. Will you answer the call?


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