Castellan of Red Hand Museum


Sertanian, the castellan of the Hall of Great Valor, was captured and taken to Rivenroar. Sertanian tried to weather his captivity with dignity, and when rescued, he brushed off questions about his captivity as “Just a few hard days, nothing more. Let’s get on with the
rescue, shall we?” But Sertanian has a past—he served as a soldier during the great “Red Hand” invasion years ago. So he has an utter hatred of hobgoblins that came out the first time he was present when the party battled hobgoblins. Sertanian hurled invective, taunted the hobgoblins, and recommended that any unconscious ones be “put to the sword” immediately. Sertanian was the only captive who could identify the treasures from the Hall of Great Valor on sight (they’d been his responsibility for years). Gifted the Platinum sword to Cutter.

Aided the party by reciting the Rites of the Dead to coax Amyria’s voice from the sword, and learn more about her and recent happenings.


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