Durkik Forgeheart

Dwarf High Priest


The current high priest of Overlook’s Stone Anvil Temple is Durkik Forgeheart, and he has served three decades. Durkik, a dwarf, began his career as a pious servant of his god, but years of corruption, wealth, and status have chipped away at his idealism, leaving him grasping and opportunistic, which makes him little better than any of the bureaucrats choking the life from the city.

Open and welcoming to any that respect the citizens of Overlook, and and very good terms with the other clergy in the Divine Knot. Recently appointed to mount the defence of Overlook, after the fall of Borodins watch.


Mustered the party and many other adventurers to Overlook, and assigned them their duties in the Elsir Vale.
Assisted in speaking with Kalad after he had passed on.
Sent the party to discover the fate of the Farstriders, and accomplish what they failed to achieve.
Assigned Reniss to travel into the Shadowfel and retrieve information on the armies marching to war against the Elsir Vale.

Durkik Forgeheart

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