Dwarf General of Borodins Watch


Diomedes is a short, powerful dwarf, with blonde hair and a matching beard, who leads the forces at Borodin watch in both times of peace, and war. A veteran of countless battles and skirmishes, his tactics and quick thinking led to a raid promotion to his illustrious post.


With the build up of orcs outside the walls of Borodins watch, Diomedes ranks have swelled to an incredible number, but alas, not enough to hold back the tide. His last ditch effort to halt the hordes was to retreat to a safe distance, and then detonate the tunnels beneath the walls. Tonnes of stone tumbled 100ft down the crevices painstakingly dug by dwarven engineers. This rift was enough to halt the invaders, however now the armies must constantly patrol, and throw back any attempt the orc make to come across.


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