Bram Ironfel

Male Dwarf


An average sized dwarf how always dresses in fin clothing, as befitting a wealthy businessman. Bram is a friendly very well liked dwarf, who thinks quickly on his feet when there’s profit involved. Can be very cagey in regards to his business concerns, but always brushes it aside with a smile and warm gesture.


Bram Ironfel is a wealth businessman within Overlook, and staunch devotee of Moradin. Among his business concerns is the Elsir Consortium, and the Ironfel Sentinels, his clan’s honour guard used in times of need. They have been active during the recent fall of Borodin’s Watch, as a guerrilla unit pushing back Orc incursions.

In recent times he has also been aiding the Overlook council in other ways, and it is rumoured he is getting leeway in his business operations in return

Bram Ironfel

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