Half Elf Ranger


Reniss is the sister of the half-elf warlock, Jen, of the Farstriders. When Jen was slain in the Vents, she used a sending stone to whisper her last words to her sister, a name the Farstriders tripped across before they were cut down — “Modra…”.


Found the matching sending stone on Jen’s body.
In the course of the partys investigations into Modra, the heroes ran into Reniss who was making similar lines of inquiry.
Guided the party to the “Happy Beggar” Alms house, and accompanied them through the tunnels underneath. Assisted in crossing through the Shadowfel, as well as tracking down Modra around Sarshan’s camps.
Helped kill Modra, and sneak into Sarshans tower, where she revealed her true objective. Hired by Durkik Forgeheart, and assigned to gather as much intelligence as possible on the military movements, and their leader.
While guarding the captives in Sarshan’s tower, was taken off balance during an earthquake. The captives attacked her, and left her unconscious. She came to, only to find the party leaving via the portal. Making her escape, she eventually caught up to the captives and executed them, and made her way back to Overlook.
Presented the findings to the Overlook Council, and shared the reward with the party.


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