Rufus Crumley

Human Necromancer


A dabbler in necromancy and the dark arts, Crumley is a wildly unpopular figure in the Shantytown, but powerful enough that no one dares report him to the authorities. For the most part, Crumley keeps to himself, working in his laboratory to master the secrets of undeath and foul magic. It’s whispered that undead horrors guard the tower, so not even the thieves of the “district” dare attempt burglary. It’s well known that Crumley pays good gold for cadavers. Keeps a zombie as a house servant.


Was the first port of call for the party’s visit to Overlook. The party provided corpses to Crumley in exchange for raising Kalad back from the dead. This grave robbing brought the attentions of the watch onto Crumley, and he was forced to show his true power.

Promised cutter a demonic tattoo in exchange for a live demon. Provided him with a silver collar to subdue the demon.

Rufus Crumley

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