Scales of War

Unfriendly homecoming

As the party entered the city through the south gate they decided to split up to do different things. Cutter, with his demon in tow, made a bee line for Shantytown and Crumley’s tower, along with Glenn and Dexter. Father Bill went to Tradetown to do some shopping, while Cohen went home to the Mountain’s Hearth Inn….to find the building in flames. In a furious street fight, with the help of Kalad, Reniss, and some of the Farstriders, the attackers were decimated. Unfortunatley, not before Alys and Reggen had been kidnapped, forcing the Defenders to pursue them. Along the way Gilgathorn gave some friendly advice about a bounty on their head, and that it was surely a trap. Upon walking into the trap, a furious fight in the abandoned temple of Pelor ended in 2 rescued women, and some dead assassins.

In the following days, Cohen, putting all his mental power to the test, worked to rebuild the Mountains Hearth Inn. Through the pride of the dwarves he managed to shame them into action, and when the last patch of paint had dried, was inducted into the clan Oathseeker.

From there the party was informed of kidnappngs around Brindol again, this time by Gnolls. Cutter had unfinished business there, so off they went, meeting up with a patrol along the way looking for some of the Gnolls.

Arriving in town, they met with Sertanian, who helped unlock the voice from the sword, a mysterious woman named Amyria. She told them of a cult of Yeenoghu that had awoken her in teh elemental chaos through a dark ritual, and beseeched them to stop his plans before it was too late. At that moment they were ambushed by bounty hunters, led by Modra, warped and twisted by the dark foundry he was left to die in. Killing them, the party found the bounty had been increase to 2,500 gold, when Gilgathorn made another appearance, decapitating the last foe.

Led by the sword, the party searched for the lost Fortress Graystone, but along the way, encountered some cunning traps set to waylay them. Arriving, they fought through the guards to find the captured villagers. All they could say was that occasionally, some people would be taken off, and never seen again…..



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