Scales of War

There and back again...

Following Amyria’s instructions, you cleared out the old Githyanki temple, and found in the guard rooms a Dark Creeper, leading Gnolls in the art of warfare. Apparently not well enough, as they were all cut down (except 2 archers that fled) and Cutter took for himself the Gnoll leaders weaping, a barbed longsword.

Advancing into the grand chamber, you all came face to face with the Gnoll leader, fangren, on top of a pyramid surrounded by his followers, and the results of his cruel experiments. Behind him swung a dark portal into the elemental chaos, his ritual with the Beast of Butchery interrupted. Turning to face you, he commanded his underlings to attack, and that they did. After a bloody and brutal battle, Fangren was cut down, Yeenoghu’s power faded, and with the ritual Amyria taught you, you were able to seal the portal and free her from her trappings in the platinum sword.

Unfortunately in the process, she lost most of her memory, and only recalled being in the sword, and that you rescued her. Feeling the need for divine guidance, Bill introduced her to the church of Pelor, and seeking the masses, you all trekked back to Overlook.

When reach the city gates, you were met with crossbows, until someone on the ramparts recognized you, and Captain Aerun called you over to discuss recent goings on. Apparently, since the fall of Overlook the walls were being strengthened in both manpower and stone. This was being done as a precaution, as the temporary camp put up near the ruins of Overlook hadn’t recieved any major attacks, and the soldiers there sat idle most of the time.

Bidding him good day, you all trekked off to the Divine Knot, and the abandoned temple of Pelor, where this leg of the journey began. However, as you turned into the Nine Bells district…….



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