Scales of War

The secret of the Ironfel fortress

Exploring the rest of the fortress you discovered the Warden’s quarters, and more followers of the Queen of the sands. Delving further into the mine uncovered a prisoner, an old man with 7 yellow canaries. Although he uttered no words, his friendly demeanor and innocent charm stopped any harm against him. Clearing out the rooms upstairs you finally came face to face with the queen…
Well, that’s what she would have you believe, yet you were too canny and saw through her disguise, revealing the dryad in disguise. Cutting her and her bodyguards down, you hunkered down to rest in some upstairs quarters. However during the night a patrol came by to spoil your sleep, but it was they who took eternal rest.
It was then you found a trail of yellow feathers, which led to a secret passage below the cells. Of the Birdman, there was no sign. But troglodytes, YES! Dispatching them led you to the cause of the mines downfall, veins of elemental chaos infesting the mineral rich rock. Following it’s path led you to the true queen of the sands, Shephitah. Guarding a portal to the elemental chaos, and resting on a nest of skulls, her demonic and elemental bodyguards challenged your skill, but ultimately were slain. In her death throes her tail flung a ring into the elemental chaos. Cutter, having no fear dove in to retrieve it, and in the process unlocked a voice within his platinum sword, asking for help.



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