Scales of War

The Mountainroot Temple

Durkik led you through the Stone Anvil temple to a hidden passageway, the secret entrance to the Mountainroot temple. Here he parted, and left you. In a long chamber, iron chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and statues of Moradin with raven’s perched on his shoulders flanked a delicate silver filigree. It depicted Moradin at work in his forge, but as you approached the head turned, and questioned your worthiness to enter the temple. After some brief convincing, father Bill judged himself worthy, and attempted to walk through the filigree. It barred him, and three chandeliers fell from the ceiling, their chains writhing into guardians of the portal.

The portal then granted you access, and whisked you off to the Temple in the Stonehome mountains. You arrived in a meeting room, with a large central dais, and entrances to other portal scattered around the room. As you entered these became barred, preventing you returning to Overlook. Some fey also had the same idea, as a couple of Spriggan’s, harpies, and an animated cobra guardian attacked. They were dispatched, and faced with 3 possible avenues, the party ventured down the less travelled corridor.

This route had been partially caved in, from some earthquake decades or even centuries ago, but soon opened out into a chapel of sorts. Climbing a crevice to access it, you were confronted by more fey, Cyclops, banshrae, and what appeared to be, the temple caretaker imprisoned. The cyclops’ attempted to push pillars on the party, and start the roof caving in, but were dispatched. Seeing this, the caretaker escaped her cage, and revealed her true identity, a hideous hag. They were dispatched, and on the altar, the Incubulum Primeaval was retrieved. Thumbing through a few pages, it was clear it was written in dwarven, and despite Bill being fluent, the runes and language were very old, and thus indecipherable.

Cutting through the barracks, the group came across a large chamber that had been rocked by rock falls. More fey occupied this room, but it wasn’t long before the party was interrupted by a mess of trolls breaking down the far doors, and attacking both groups. After a long, hard fought battle, fey were dead, and the trolls we piles of ashes. Cohen claimed a trolls axe as his own, and Bill retrieved a holy sceptre.



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