Scales of War

The Broken General

As the 2 parties engaged, Cohen rushed at one of the dragonborn soldiers, and so did the rest of the party choose to kill it quickly. Cutter moved into a position between the melee heavy barbarian, and his ranged allies, in an attempt to cover both groups. The firebelcher spat a gout of flame at Cohen and Cutter, while a third dragonborn snuck quietly from the shadows and flanked the party.

Spotting the group that foiled his plans in the temple, Zithuruun directed his dragon to land, and dismounted, his silver sabre cutting into Glenn and Bill. The dragon too found itself in the rear line, and breathed a noxious plume of decay, almost striking Glenn down, whilst Bill narrowly dodged it’s effects. Seeing his friends in trouble, Cutter distracted Zithuruun and the dragon to attack him, and paid for it in a costly way, both of them managing to wound the swordmage again and again.

Seeing the group outnumbered, Glenn summoned 2 firey companions to assist the group, a magma beast and flaming sphere, who tied up the dragonborn lurker until its demise. Meanwhile Cohen hewed into the soldier attacking him, and Bill erected a wall of spinning blades to cut through his attackers.

Both Zithuruun and the dragon took to the sky, the later hovering near a house to smash tiles into Bill and Cutter. Taking the cue from Glenn, Bill also summoned a iron hound, to herd the dragon into the spinning blades again and again. The dragon again pursued Cutter who turned his attentions to the firebelcher, and were it not for some masterful blocking and dodging, he would certainly have fallen to it’s blows.

However once Cohen got free of his opponent, he unleashed his built up rage, beheading the broken general. In his berserker rage, he threw himself into combat against the dragon, hacking its neck from its shoulders. With the two major threats dealt with, the firebelcher put up little resistance, and with a cheer from the nearby buildings, and the sky filled with exploding green flares, the defenders of the earth stood triumphant.

In the aftermath, the council of elders invite you to a great celebratory feast in your honour, and count up the cost of Zithuruun’s attack.

Lavinya abandons the temple and instead takes over Haelyn’s duties at the shrine. “If this is where the people wish to pray,” she tells you, “then who am I to tell them otherwise? Erathis needs no stone walls, merely the hearts and souls of those who would bring civilisation and culture to the world. Haelyn understood this long ago,” she adds with a sad smile. “I wish I’d not taken so long to learn it myself.”

Durkik, experienced a reawakening of faith. His time of confinement and torture, followed by his rescue at your hands and his survival of the siege, have caused him to re-evaluate the previous years. From a beaten-down, tired, and increasingly corrupt politician, he returns to his younger identity as a devout priest of Moradin. In helping to turn him around, you have gained a grateful and powerful ally, and you have done great good to the religious community of Overlook as a whole. This is particularly important, considering that the high priests of other temples were suborned by the githyanki, and their replacements are all younger and inexperienced. Over the next months, Durkik emerges as a spiritual leader for the entire city.

And thus does the curtain fall on the heroic tier. Greater dangers and challenges await, as those behind the githyanki’s efforts plot their vengeance and advance schemes of which the you have not yet learned. But for now, at least, you have earned some rest and the acclaim of Overlook’s citizenry.



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