Scales of War

Stopping Zithuruun

After resting in the nearby barracks you pushed deeper into the temple, to a massive chamber with glass floors and a portal to the astral sea. More trolls and temple guardians blocked your way, however the general himself quickly fled. Dispatching the trolls and Eidolon, then searching the display rooms below, you came across the caretaker. Though he had gone slightly mad from torture, your ministration were able to rouse him. As he came to his senses, his beard and hair erupted in flame, his skin taking on a copper tone. He explained that though he was once a dwarf, he was now an Azer, and had left his previous life behind to take on his new role. He thanked you for rescuing him, and then asked again for help in sanctifying the temple.

Father Bill stepped forward offering his own coin to cast the ritual. With that completed, the sound of hammers striking an anvil could be heard, and the darkness retreated from the shadows in the temple. The caretaker then sent you back to the stone anvil to prepare for the assault on the city.

Meeting with the leaders of the city, they asked you for advice in formulating a battle plan. Troops were to be equipped with fire, mages to identify spots of trouble, and streets and barricades erected to slow their advance. As you left, Morgoff handed you a sending stone, so he could direct you to the areas needing the most fortification. With limited time before the assault, some checked on Rufus, safely ensconced in his tower, others did some last minute equipment was purchased before the first red flare went up over Tradetown. Rushing to the scene, they found a number of buildings on fire, and 3 winged beasts flying overhead. The populace fled, with the steets aflame, while the beasts moved in to attack. With the fire spreading, Glenn threw up a protective aura over his allies to prevent anything but the most intense heat, allowing them to wade through the flames, and strike down the beasts.

In the aftermath of the fight, just as the group was ready to move off, another flare went up, and the voice of Morgoff Stonefist called you to the walls where a breach had been made. Rushing through the streets, you passed soldiers striking down trolls, and Durkik reading from the Incubulum to blast soldiers attacking the dwarven defenders. Just as you began to flag, and run out of steam, the sound of hammers striking anvils gave you new heart.

Arriving at the wall, you found 4 trolls had broken through, with a massive battering ram made from a tree trunk. 2 were heavily armoured, and slashed at anyone they came near, while another with 2 heads clawed left and right. The smallest sat a the rear throwing javelins and spitting acid. With flames dancing from his fingertips, Glenn unleashed fire on the trolls, ensuring the trolls did not rise again.

As you caught your breath, another red flare went up, and Morogoff directed you to a nearby plaza. Upon arriving you spotted a number of corpses littering the streets, and two vicious looking dragonborn escorting a red wingless dragon like beast. A roar from overhead drew your attention upwards. Soaring overhead was a large dragon, its scales greyed with age, riding the thermals of the fires around the city. Mounted on the dragon, sat the cloaked figure of General Zithuruun, his armour a harness holding his broken body together, though the malice in his eyes clear as he directed the dragon in your direction…



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