Scales of War

Missing person...

Upon arriving at the Divine Knot, the first thing that stood out was the repair work being done to the temple of Moradin. Dwarven tradesmen bustled around the place, putting into stark contrast the other decrepit houses of worship. As Amyria went to pray at the temple to Pelor, you were greeted by a grandmotherly priestess called Lavynia. She put forward a desperate plea for help about her missing friend, Haelyn, another priestess to Avandra from the small shrine in Tradetown. She mentioned that a new priest had taken over, and said that Haelyn was on a spiritual retreat.

Arriving in Tradetown, you found the replacement, Grovald, to be very shifty indeed. But because it was broad daylight, and Lavynia pleaded with you to spare shedding blood, you left, and went back to her for more advice. Lavynia mentioned the other priests in the divine knot were acting strange as well, as if they didn’t recognise her. This even included Durkik Forgeheart, High Ancestor of Moradin. Even her pleas to the authorities fell on deaf ears.

Knowing that time was of the essence, you all split up to cover ground more quickly. Father Bill trotted over to the temple of Moradin for a look, and was almost immediately accosted by some of the Hammerfist clan, who were there carrying out the repairs. They quickly called over their security, none other than the Freeriders, now bitter that their successes have gone unnoticed. Luckily, before a fight could escalate, an elderly dwarvern priest by the name of Ancestor Karros ushered you outside, and calmed the situation down. He too was aware of Durkik’s strange actions, including repairing the temple when money could be better spent elsewhere.

A similar story was found from the other priests in the Divine Knot. All claimed ignorance, and yet were very apathetic despite their presumed holy nature. For Dexter, this really hit home at the Stone Anvil, the grand temple to Moradin. He was forcibly ejected by Durkik’s guards, although they weren’t happy about it.

As night fell, the team decided to snoop around Grovald’s cottage to see what they could find out, and maybe get a look in Haelyn’s too. As you arrived at the shrine, Grovald and his cronies launched an attack. Most were merely thugs, but as one hired assassin hit the ground, his physical features contorted into a plain grey face, a shape shifter! After dispatching the cronies, you kept Grovald alive for questioning and some casual torture. He revealed how he killed Haelyn and buried her behind the fountain. You also found a half burned note, with special instructions from a mysterious General. Grovald revealed him as Zithuruun, a shadowy human figure with glowing armour. With anger in check, you took him to the watch for “justice”. Kalad wasn’t there, but Captain Aerun was, and he begrudgingly took the prisoner, and then blasted you for interfering. Sensing he was quite the jerk, you followed him from the watch house, to Ale house where he met with a conspirator, and then on to a warehouse. Unfortunately, you must have given your presence away as there was a reception waiting for you.

Cohen sped things up by unleashing the earthquake dragon (uncovering more doppelgangers), and then insisted on searching all the boxes in the warehouse. Several hours later, you had found a trapdoor to the basement, where the real Durkik was being held prisoner. The ingenious trap was no match for Cutter’s teleports. And Durkik was quickly rescued. He explained how doppelgangers had been impersonating key city officials, whereas others (like Aerun) had been possessed, killing the host in the process.

He also told the story of the Mountainroot temple, and how he had learned that General Zithuruun had planned to use it as a back door into Overlook, through the Stone Anvil. With no time to waste, you set off for the Stone Anvil, with a mission to save the city from certain destruction.



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