Scales of War

Down time......all the way down....

On the fringes of the Elsir Vale, hidden in the pre dawn gloom, the predator silently pushed through the thick undergrowth. Though the land was infested with danger, the predator held no fear of them. He alone was the most dangerous creature stalking around at this time of night. Ahead he could already smell the faint wood smoke of habitation, his goal was close. The rank smell of sweat guided him in further, until, shielded by thick grass, he spotted the sentry ahead of him. The creature wore a motley collection of armour, scavenged from its foes over months of fighting, it’s hair matted with blood and dust. Patiently, the predator observed the guard for signs of alertness, for although it was still dark, the creature had a strong night vision. Slinking behind a fallen tree, the predator slipped into the sentry‚Äôs periphery, and into the camp undetected. The predator knew he had to be quick. Already the camp was starting to stir, and dawn would approach soon. Dodging between rows of tents and sleeping soldiers, the predator reached his destination. With guards sleeping around him sat his quarry; silently staring into the slowly burning ash of a camp fire sat the leader of this force

“You took your time” said the seated figure, without turning around. “though I’m not surprised”
“In a rush are we Cohen?” growled the predator “I’d like to see you try sneaking up on band of trolls without making a sound. Hell, if you could eat with your mouth closed I’d be shocked”
Ever so slowly, it dawned on the barbarian he’d been insulted, but before he could react the beast had morphed into the more well known shape of Dexter the druid. He staff already striking out at the dwarves still asleep. “Wake up you lazy sods, there’s trolls not 10 minutes march from here!” he said, as the sleeping dwarf now wide awake grabbed his hammer to attack at this sudden foe.

Rising swifter than his bulk would imply, Cohen hefted his large war axe, and effortlessly blocked the blow. “Muster up my brothers, there is a much to do to fulfil the oaths to our ancestors…..and let none escape the vale”



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